Paying is Optional

Who ever said there is no such thing as a free lunch? It's just a common saying we have in the states, a saying that nobody gives thought to when said. These things are dangerous when put into the wrong hands! Because now, seems everyone is repeating that as it were some obvious fact. Well, at least I think differently. And it's all thanks to personal experience! Yes, I've had loads of free lunches in my life time. In fact, I've had so many of them, that they've started to taste more delicious than the once I pay for. You can have a lot of adventure out there in the world, when you look for ways to get something for free. At the end of the day, it's not about "free", it's about doing things differently. Everyone knows that walking the same street back and forth to your apartment (especially from work!) is pretty boring. However, a free lunch is always new and exiting, a different path. For me, it's what I enjoy in life. I do pay for my lunch occasionally, but it's the realisation that..

"Paying is optional." -Harry Rossi

Gave me a reason to live again and again. To find new ways to enjoy my life. Of course, lunch is simply a metaphor. Paying optional really means that every and anything has an option, to pay or not to pay. To have the freedom to choose between the two, just makes life more exiting. Try it out or just read my blog to find out and ream of one day..(better not)..!