Where to Get Them Free Lunches

To understand my concept of free lunch, we must first look at where the term itself comes from. According to the urban dictionary, it means the following:

Used to refer to a *-free or catch free offer, the expression "there is no free lunch" sums it up.

When has the world become so ironic, that people think that everything has a catch. It's because, people think that things are not up to them, but up to others. And of course, if you don't take control for yourself, then naturally in this money greedy world, people will manipulate you. But as soon as you take hold of the steering wheel you can become boss and eat for free, as much as you want.

It's like a buffet in the sky, except this one doesn't wait for your death. It waits for your action in the here and now. A steady feed of free lunches have kept on coming ever since this remarkable discovery.

That's why the free lunch is so important me. And I hope, that by sharing light on the subject others could realise that too. Because it's a delicious way down the road, which is too often being compromised by bullshit moneymakers.

Not just a rant,