Where's my Lunch?!?!

So then we start getting to the juicy bits of the free lunch blog. Because I think you would deserve your first one, for free. And I know just the place to get one. Of course there are many places and I do understand that some of my readers are not first timers. But dumpster diving is a very interesting subject anyway.

So the instructions are vary basic. And don't worry this won't be anything dirty, like many might think. Just get a pair of gloves, some clothes that you don't mind getting a bit dirty.. like outdoor working clothes or something. Flashlight and an open mind.

Once you got these ready, wait until night. Proceed to the nearest supermarket, but as it is closed, you might want to try the back side. There most likely you will find a dumpster, where the super marketing is throwing away food that is beyond their best end date. However, by observing the contents of the dumpster, any sane person may observe that a lot of these products are completely edible.

While there might not be anything wrong with the food, I found that sometimes I need to hold someone in the hand and take them to the dumpster to get past their fear of.. I dun now, trash? It's all free and it's all perfectly fine. It's nothing dirty and a lot of fun.

This is one of the first lessons on getting a free lunch or actually, often enough you could feed a african village with the contents. Up to you.