Free Lunch Proof

Besides that fact that I love philosophy and generally talking a lot about concepts, or ideas. I do things in real life too, after all one must put ones way of thinking into practice in order to have point in all of it. Indeed, I am a man of action and a man who is true to his own words. Therefore, some people don't understand that I often enjoy free lunches, in REAL form. =)

Some people even really doubt me, and call me someone who just talks. But this is not the case. I in fact collect pictures of dinners I ate, many of which are free. Sometimes they might be leftovers (delicious ones), or just situations where paying has been an optional decision. Nevertheless a free lunch, needs to be 100% free. No catch. Here are some treats I've had in the past:

Free Lunch 1

Free Lunch 2

Free Lunch 3

Looks delicious doesn't it? And that lobster, yes, it was free!