Amazon Online Shopping in Japan

I was laughing at people when I saw them order food, or food products online. They said that it's so cheap, convenient and you can order so many different kinds of products that you couldn't imagine ordering from your local grocery store. Still I laughed, and laughed thinking there is no way that groceries could be transformed to the online playfield. It even reached a point where I was concerned about the health of my friends who seemed like they were addicts, or even 'victims' of the online food industry. I could understand as far as ordering a pizza, but this was something I could not stomach easily. Which btw. is a whopping seven letter word in the English language.

Akihabara Shopping Brands

Until I tried it for myself. To make things worse, I was very very drunk. Just travelling in Japan. There I was not only introduced to online shopping of food, but a whole variety of both internet and technological services. Like a beer pooring robot was just the peak of some of the brilliant advances in what is known "the modern world". Tokyo is obviously one of the main headquarters of such activity, and in that magnificent city a place called "Akihabara' became one of my favorite places ever. I couldn't find a free lunch as such, but I did discover that doing this cheaper somehow didn't always mean something worse. There online shopping of course did have the added benefit of price, but other than that the amount of stuff you could get was simply mind blowing. I ended up ordering a lot, especially from the Japanese Amazon store which is far more extensive than the one in the UK for example. Of course, it's a big business anywhere in the world but they have a different selection of goods in Japan. And sometimes it's just plain weird and I love it.

Anyway, I have to admit that I got a bit stuck in my hotel with my friends, just because so many people were ordering stuff from Amazon and we needed to be there to receive it. Going out to it, don't think so! We were eating our bellies full in our hotel and enjoying the amazing view. Only when the night came out, we were ready to roam the streets and experience the nightlife there. Tokyo was very different from Beijing, not in a good or even a bad way. Both are equally amazing. Yet if I have to say one thing that is better in Tokyo, it's that the night never ends. A comforting fact as it is in my humble and somewhat broad opinion as an experienced traveller.

Oh and as a big tip for those who want to engage themselves to any kind of shopping, be it technology or food products, check out this easy guide on how to shop in English. When you just open the Amazon site it's pretty banging with all those characters no one understands. Even clicking on the English help link didn't do anything. But finally this brilliant article had that one perfect linked that opened like a pandora's box to using the Amazon Japan site in English. So don't miss that or you'll probably miss all the action.

We love you Japan, and hope to come back very, very soon again. Cheers & Love.

Peace as well, Harry Rossi