My Addiction To Chinese AliExpress

Since I started with the topic of shopping, I have decided to tell you about another great descovery in the world of global online e-commerce. Known as AliExpress is blew my socks off when I first stumbled on it. Previously having simply drooled on the variety of Alibaba, and also having had to opportunity to make some "sample purchases" (more about that later). Naturally to have the opportunity to have all those amazing goods in my fingertips, except available for individual order. Well. That just got me hooked, nothing more and nothing less! The pandora's box had been opened, and I was in touch with thousands and thousands of Chinese manufacturers. And if you haven't ever traveled to China, it's pretty amazing and they make everything there. And contrary to common belief, there is an amazing amount of skillful people. On the one side of the coin, people have been doing something so repetitevly that they just become extremely good at it. But the other side, is the one that is able to be creative and put together all that knowledge that has landed to China for good.

Alibaba the Father of AliExpress

But enough praise, let me tell you about some of my adventures in the land of free lunches. Or at least, in the style that represents that very fun and exciting attitude. And before I forget, those who don't know AliExpress just yet.. you have to check out this how-to article over here that will give you the right links to access the online shopping heaven in English. In fact, this medium has become like a passage way so that even those Chinese who cannot speak English but manufacture amazing things have a great opportunity to connect with western clients from all over.

So as I was saying, in the times of the free lunch, I started with Alibaba. Back then, AliExpress didn't even exist and Alibaba was like half English so you had to use the translator constantly. Anyway, a friend of mine wanted to order Henna which is a natural hair dye to colour your hair. So naturally, I was going to look for it in India which Alibaba was also full off. Indian sellers of course, or pretty much anywhere from Asia as a matter in fact. But they sell in huge quantities, and I had to fake that I was some kind of a big buyer who just needed a sample. That worked and I got my stuff for half free! On the down side however, the poor owner of the business kept contacting me and asking when I will make the real batch order. Which never came of course.

That trick worked very well. But luckily now thanks to AliExpress I don't need it anymore. I can small purchases of ANYTHING in the world in small quantities. That is addictive stuff my friends!

Yours truly, Harry Rossi